Selling Your Jacksonville Home on Craigslist

  You must have heard people talking about the use of craigslist to list and sell their Jacksonville homes. Most homeowners trying to sell their real estate property are looking for the best possible ways to achieve their goals without paying huge commissions to real estate agents. You must be tired of going around trying … Continued

Easy Way to Sell Your Land in Jacksonville, FL – Jax Cash Buyers

Selling Your Land In Jacksonville, FL Selling a vacant land lot is a common problem in Jacksonville. Most real estate agents have knowledge, but their knowledge is based on selling just houses. People buy vacant land for different reasons; some build houses, an industrial park, some buy for tax purposes and some build community gardens. … Continued


Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell My House In Jacksonville?

Homeowners in Jacksonville are left with a major consideration whether they should use a real estate agent in selling their homes or whether they should do it on their own. If you ask, over 90% of sellers will recommend using an agent during the selling process. We all understand the time, knowledge and negotiation skills … Continued