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 A quick sale for job relocation


It’s a good thing you’ve been offered a new job, but it’s in another city and you own your current home. While you may find the opportunity of a new career to be an exciting one as you would be able to relocate to somewhere new, you still have to take care of a multitude of important tasks in your current town before relocating and selling your current home is often your top priority before moving.

Double Mortgages

People generally are faced with the problem of making a quick sale on their home before relocating. And leaving behind your current home to buy a new one in a new city will just mean you’re tied up with making a double mortgage payment and that’s a huge financial drawback. Jax Cash Buyers can be of help to make a quick cash offer for your home so you can relocate for your new job and make a better family.


            If you are located in the Jacksonville area and your goal is to sell your home before relocating, you found the perfect place. When it comes to selling your home, the most difficult situation you’re faced with is the relocation process. Most of the time, your transfer won’t come with more than a few month notice which can be a major problem in today’s housing market to get your Jacksonville home sold within the given time.

Listing Your Home

            Since a home would generally take an average of 40 – 100 days on the Jacksonville local market before being sold, it can be a major challenge for those with a short time frame to relocate for their new career. If you are not confident of getting the home sold within the given time, you can picture yourself in the worse situation. Some people might advise you work with a real estate agent to get your home sold within the given time. This should be your greatest mistake in such situations. The process for an agent to get a home through the market has an average of 40 – 100 days before being sold and you definitely don’t have much time to wait before relocating to your new town. And you don’t want to live a new location with a new mortgage while still being responsible for selling a house back in Jacksonville.

Your Goal

            If your goal is to sell a house fast for a quick relocation, going through a local real estate agent could end up your worse decision ever. You might think of listing your home at far below its fair market value for a fast sale, that’s still no guarantee for a fast sale. You might just find some inspection contingencies and other unexpected repairs that would terminate the contract before it ends, or your buyer might just have other issues getting financing.

Potential Buyers

With a hot housing market and so many homes listed, it is generally very common for a potential buyer to back out because they found a better home or deal. Cutting long story short, if you want to achieve a quick sale on your home for job relocation, think of companies that buy houses rather than searching for an agent who can’t achieve what you need. If you’re given a concrete date when you need to move to a new town, it means you can’t wait for the perfect buyer to make an offer for your home. We at Jax Cash Buyers can make your relocation dreams come through.



Jax Cash Buyers is a Florida based real estate agency with the aim of helping homeowners in any condition make the most of their home sale. We can make a top offer for your home so you can relocate to your new town. We buy your home before you even have a second thought of it. All you need to do is get a few information about your home to us and a price you would like to sell it. All is now left for us to make an offer and free you from the stress of paying an extra mortgage from another town.

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