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Selling a property can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. We can get rid of the stress and help you find the peace of mind which comes with being done with the property hassles one is going through– without the typical show and tell, financing issues, additional costs, and tenant eviction.

The current condition of your home does not matter, so don’t worry about cleaning or fixing up things because we’ve got that aspect covered as well, we’ll be buying the house “AS-IS”.

The hassle of trying to sell your property can be a daunting task. But hey! That’s why we are here. With a click of a finger, we can buy your house in Two Days. Can we finish the transaction in a day? Yes! We can make the purchase in 24 hours or less it all depends on you if you are ready we are ready!

At Jax Cash Buyers, you get freedom from paying two mortgages, fire-damaged houses, flood-damaged houses, foreclosure, inherited houses you don’t need, nuisance liens & violations, and even back taxes. If you doubt our credentials, then try selling your property by yourself or try going through agents and see if the outcome is the same. At Jax Cash Buyers, you get no extra fees, hassle-free, and our customer satisfaction stands at 100%. Still not convinced? Check out these offers.

  • We buy any house in any condition
  • No repairs necessary
  • We close on the day of your choice
  • Team of professionals
  • No commission to be paid
  • Hassle free selling experience

We assist people who wish to quickly sell their houses on a weekly basis.

From people going through a divorce, experiencing foreclosure, relocating and can’t sell their house, or those who own an empty house that’s just a burden now… to landlords who are tired of struggling with tenants, and people who inherited a house they don’t need, otherwise good folks who are currently unemployed and simply can’t afford payments anymore; and even those who can’t afford to pay real estate agent fees, to people who own more on their house than it’s worth and listing with an agent just isn’t an option.

All of these folks have the following in common…

  • They deserve fair treatment
  • They require a quick solution which gives them cash right away
  • They shouldn’t need to pay any extra cash in the way of estate agent fees and closing fees etc.
  • They simply want to get rid of the headache their unwanted house is giving them

… we can help them achieve all of those goals.

Not to brag, but come on! You won’t get a better offer anywhere else. If you live in Jacksonville and area its surroundings, you are in luck as that’s our area of operation. Our teams of professionals are mostly locals that know Duval County well, so don’t need to worry about some out of state company throwing around random prices. We are here local and you can visit us at any time.

How does it work? Trust me; it’s going to be the simplest process you have ever gone through. To sell your house to Jax Cash Byers simply call or submit your information (House address, Email address, and phone number).  Get a Fair Cash Offer in minutes, meet with us at your home (our home buying specialist will answer any question you might have), choose your closing date and receive your funds.

Hope you now agree that Jax Cash Buyers offers the best opportunities. If you want to sell your house, simply fill out the following brief form. You can also give us a call now at 904-513-0229.

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Who Are We?

Jax Cash Buyers is the Florida area’s most reputable property buying service. We are an experienced home purchasing team with a focus towards helping owners like you sell your house quickly, with no hassles, no games, and especially no hidden fees. We’re committed to delivering top quality service with full transparency and utmost integrity throughout the real estate experience.

We purchase houses in Florida and the nearby areas. We know the area well, which means that our buying team can assist you with selling your house immediately, no matter the location or condition it’s in (even if tenants are present).

Can I avoid or stop foreclosure by selling my property?

Yes, in most cases. When you, as the owner, decide to sell your house, it halts the foreclosure process and may help save credit. You can download our “How To Stop Foreclosure” report with more information, for free.

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