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You must have heard people talking about the use of craigslist to list and sell their Jacksonville homes. Most homeowners trying to sell their real estate property are looking for the best possible ways to achieve their goals without paying huge commissions to real estate agents. You must be tired of going around trying to get a real estate agent with the required qualities to properly market your home on the Jacksonville market.

You must now be thinking of an easier way of getting things done! Everyone needs to make the most from their home. Jacksonville homeowners go out every day looking for a better and easier way to list their home on the market; they face different difficulties why doing this. They think of listing their homes online but they just don’t know of what platform is best for their property. Some end up getting their home listed on site with very limited traffic. They just don’t know about craigslist. Getting your home listed on craigslist is almost as easy as any other site you know.

With the several real estate sites available out there, why choose to list your home on craigslist? Simple: you’re casting a wider net of to an audience might not otherwise have seen your listing. We all know the more eyes you get on your listing, the greater chances you have to sell fast. The key is getting your listing stand out from others, you just need your listing to get to the top of craigslist listings of your city.

Craigslist alone gets over a ton of visitors a month. The site gets a whopping 50 billion page views every month. So much traffic goes through craigslist that startup company Airbnb used to post all of their stuff in the early stages to capture more traffic. Today, Airbnb is a multi-billion dollar company. Same goes for every listing on the Craigslist website. If you’ve been looking to sell your Jacksonville home, craigslist can be the perfect place for you.

You don’t just go ahead and list your home on the website and wait for buyers to come around, you need to start by creating a craigslist ad. You go further by learning the basics of making a housing ad on Craigslist and you can then dive into the strategy of how to write and market your ad. There’s not much you need to do in order to succeed on Craigslist, a few points are listed below to guide you through the process of selling your Jacksonville home instead of running behind unqualified agents only to end up being disappointed;

  • Find the craigslist in your area
  • Write a quality description siting every important information or features of your home just like an agent would do. You should as well create flyers or the MLS database.
  • Attach four HD photos of the most important sections or rooms of your home. Craigslist only gives room for four free photos per listing.
  • Update your ads every day. Craigslist listings are ranked by the most recent so you should always be up to date.
  • Sit back and watch the buyers role in.
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