Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell My House In Jacksonville?

Homeowners in Jacksonville are left with a major consideration whether they should use a real estate agent in selling their homes or whether they should do it on their own. If you ask, over 90% of sellers will recommend using an agent during the selling process. We all understand the time, knowledge and negotiation skills needed to get a home successfully sold in the tight Jacksonville real estate market.

While some sellers would consider using a listing agent for their home sale, they might just be failing to understand the downsides or consequences of working with agents. Think of the 6% agent commission from your home’s worth, think of how fast you need your home to be sold and think of how to get top cash for your home while eliminating the agent commission fee. Sounds weird right? Do you think it’s impossible to achieve all these goals in just one sale? Jax Cash Buyers makes it super easy and very possible. We buy houses for cash in Jacksonville and St Augustine. We are a Florida based company with the aim of helping home sellers get out with a fair share of their property’s worth.

We make the home selling process fast and easy by simply helping you cut out the middle man (agent) and do the selling yourself. Just think of losing 6% of your home’s value, doing it yourself could get you out with tens of thousands dollar more in your pocket. All it takes is submitting your addressto us and we make an offer for your home. No need to waste that much time trying to market your home in our current busy real estate market as you might just be intimidated by the offers you receive which could get your home last longer on the market or might just fail to sell.

Most people selling their home today are doing so due to a change of job or a change of lifestyle and just need somewhere more comfortable and would definitely need to save that extra 6% on agent commission. Just think of saving an extra $21,000 from a sale of $350,000, that’s just too much to let go. With the recent real estate market rates, homeowners should do all they can to save as much as possible from their home sale.

A major disadvantage of using the service of an agent is that he/she might not be able to get your home sold within your required time and for the top cash, the reason for this is due to the fact that real estate agents normally have lots of homes to handle at the same time and would not have to concentrate on your property. One more issue with working with an agent is that they may not understand your interests, real estate agents are known to get sellers to reduce the price of their home so they can get it sold faster. Working with Jax Cash Buyers will let you make informed decisions for your home and choose a price that best suits you so we can make an offer.

You do not need a real estate agent to sell your house, we made the whole selling process fast and easy. We let home sellers in Jacksonville sell their homes fast and for top cash while escaping from the agent commission.

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