10 Tips on How to Sell Your Jacksonville House During The Summer


Are you a Jacksonville homeowner? Are you looking to put your home on the market this summer? We know spring is the most usual time of the year to put your home on the market, and fall is the second most popular time. It is important to know that summer has never been a favorable time for property sellers. For this reason, selling a Jacksonville home in summer can be a bit tricky.

Summer is generally a perfect time for a lot of things, unfortunately, home selling is not one of them. Usually, not selling in summer would give you more for your home if you wait until school starts. Reasons for this are as follows:

  • People go on vacation in summer
  • Kids are back home and require more attention from parents
  • Homeowners are distracted from summer activities

More on that, summer has just too many activities going on that people find it hard to pay attention to home selling. Most homeowners would rather wait until everything is back to normal in the fall. Generally, most buyers are looking to go into the market in the spring or fall, so the market is left with fewer buyers to show your home during summer.

Not everybody can afford to wait until fall to sell. There might be the case of a new job and you need to relocate as soon as possible. You might just be having a pressing life issue that could be in need of an immediate sale. If you must sell during this time of the year, you need to make it work to your advantage and have the most from the sale of your home this summer.

Let’s get to business, the lazy days of summer has arrived! And if you have a home to sell in Jacksonville, there’s no time to waste. Check out these tips on how to successfully list and sell your Jacksonville home this summer.

  1. omfortable Temperature: Everybody loves to find someplace cool after walking a long time in the summer heat. Summer buyers get to spend a whole day walking around in search of a suitable property. If you’re thinking of getting your home on the market, you need to make sure your AC is at its best. When buyers come to check out your property, they need to first find comfort in your house before start thinking of going further with negotiations. A cool and welcoming environment will give a new impression.
  2. Summer Refreshment: Nothing could be better on a hot summer day than a buyer being welcomed in your home with a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade on the kitchen counter. You could get a few glasses ready and kept with a note saying, “thank you for considering our home. Please make yourself comfortable while you’re here”. In case you might be having more than one showing in a short time, consider filling your kitchen sink with ice water bottles.


  1. Deep Clean: Most of us are common with keeping our homes When your home is listed on the market, your goal should be creating a spotless environment. This is one of the least expensive improvements you need to make when trying to sell your home. Some sellers would prefer to have their home cleaned by a professional while others do it themselves. Whatever may be the case, it needs to be thoroughly done. Removing anything that gives a negative impression should be your top priority.


  1. Mow the Lawn when necessary: Summer is a favorite time for grass. You need to keep the outer environment clean as it gives the first impression. Every other lawn cutting, try to mow in a diagonal form in order to improve your home curb appeal and landscape.


  1. Create summer Curb Appeal: Curb appeal brings more attention to your home on the market. Trim the bushes, plant new flowers, scatter mulch, have your home number painted on the curb, clean the walk, and make your entrance warm and welcoming.


  1. Bring in the light: If you have heavy drapes in your house, get them removed! They make rooms look smaller. Pull window blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. The only reason you should leave blinds closed is if there’s an unwanted element on the other side of the window, maybe a neighbor’s trash can, you can open them slightly.


  1. Decorate with Summer Accents: Look around your home for color inspiration. Make use of vivid blue décor items for a calming effect. Replace dark-colored pillows and throw rugs with brighter summer hues. Give everything a new look.


  1. De-Personalize: De-personalizing your home has a great psychological effect on the buyer. Most sellers get to overlook this point and end up losing potential buyers. This as well applies in any season. Buyers always want to picture themselves in the property, not you. And you need their focus on the layout and not on family pictures you took some 10 years back.


  1. Fresh Coat of Paint: If cleaning doesn’t do a good job, you might want to consider giving your home a fresh look with a new paint job. You will be surprised at what a weekend with few gallons of paint would do for your home. Go for colors that best suit the eye. At least if you can’t do a complete paint job, you should consider painting the front door and surrounding trim work. The entryway should be clean and inviting.


  1. Summer Beverages and Snacks: This is one very important point to take note of. Classic summer means red-and-white checkered tablecloths, potato salad hot dogs and mustard, and roasted corn-on-the-cob. Fill the sink with ice cubes and chill bottled beverages for visitors with a few light snacks.

Following these tips will definitely get you a quick sale in summer which is the dream of every Jacksonville homeowner. What if there was a better and faster way? Yeah, selling your home to Jax Cash Buyers. Selling your home with us could get your closing in just a matter of days.

Our services include buying and selling real estate properties in and around Jacksonville. If you are a homeowner in Jacksonville and would like to sell your house this summer, we could make the process a lot more easy and fast. We make a top cash offer for your home and close on the transaction within a week.

Contact us with your property details and get the most out of your home this summer!


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