How Much Will Selling Your Houses That Needs Work Cost You? Jax Cash Buyers


When your home needs work

You just might find it intimidating to get it listed on the market without having some extra funds invested in a bunch of fancy repairs and improvements. Most people with houses that needs work would like to get it sold fast and for top dollar, and achieving this would require the service of a cash buyer and not listing on the market with a real estate agent.

When you think it’s time to sell your home, it must be for one reason or another. It’s normal to feel like some areas of the home are worn out and would need to be upgraded before inviting the numerous buyers for showings.

Homes with Repairs

We all know homes with extensive repairs would normally cost high and would require more time to get it sold. And not everyone has much time and money to go through the tough process of repairs.In such cases, busy home sellers have a few options to explore including selling as-is to a cash buyer, you just need to complete some minor repairs.

Repairs Costs

If you are thinking of using the service of a real estate agent to sell houses that needs work in the Jacksonville market, there are some expenses you should expect. Though some repairs are a matter of choice, they might have a great effect on your home’s value. It’s important to make that investment and be sure your house sells for the highest amount possible. This option might not be the best for sellers with a limited time or might not have enough budget on them for some heavy repairs. The process of a real estate agent to close on your home sale might take too long while you spend some extra cash on required repairs and other marketing strategies without a guaranteeing a successful sale.

Average Renovation Cost Expected from a Houses that Needs Work

  • Door = $850
  • Lighting system = $499
  • Garage = $3,550
  • Exterior Paint = $5,656
  • Interior Pain = $3,656
  • Deck = $6,919
  • Window = $4,745
  • Kitchen = $19,920
  • Bathroom = $11,365
  • Living room = $23,000
  • Master bedroom = $21,500
  • Closing Cost = $4,300
  • Plus The Realtor Fees = % 6 of the purchase price


With all these cost listed above, you should know the amount you need to sell your home that needs work on the Jacksonville market. These expenditures will only apply if you decide to use the service of a real estate agent. It’s always advisable to budget about 1 to 3% of your asking price for renovations.

Why go through all these when there is a better option for you? It is possible for you to sell your Jacksonville houses that needs work for top cash without having to spend a single penny in renovations or other upgrades. You can work with companies that buy houses and achieve your selling goals. Sell your home to Jax Cash Buyers and never get to regret your decision of not using the service of a real estate agent. We can make a top cash offer for your houses that needs work and you don’t have to bother about it.


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