7 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your House

It’s winter and you’ve just stepped into your small but cozy home. You go hang your coat in the closet, only to find it stuffed with your children’s toys. You make your way to the sitting room with your beer, but step on a Lego on the way.

Your children are doing their homework on the dining table. All of a sudden you realize that the heating system you got fixed last week has stopped working again. Your wife complains of leaking plumbing.

Let’s face it: you need to sell your house. Here are 7 tips that may help you make the decision.

1) It’s getting cramped up!

You may have had this house since you were newlyweds, but now, with two toddlers and a baby on the way, space is an issue.

Studies show that cramped up spaces can cause stress in children and affect their well being. Keeping this in mind, decision to sell your house may be the best for your family.

2) Upgrading won’t fix it

If your house needs frequent repairs and is falling apart, it may be a cheaper option to sell it instead. Maintenance of old homes can be costly and not necessarily durable either.

3) The neighbors just sold their house

7 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your House

Your favorite neighbor James and his family are moving out soon. Moreover, you find out that they sold their house at a good price. Now is the perfect time to ask realtors about the market price of your house and test the waters.

4) Your children are starting school soon

Schooling options may be limited in your neighborhood. You want the best for your children and have found the perfect school for them, but it’s far from home. Why not consider moving to a place that’s closer to your child’s new school?

5) You’re not fond of the neighborhood

With your favorite neighbor, James, gone you have little to no friendly neighbors remaining. This may take away the feeling of community belongingness. This may have a negative impact on you and your family.

6) A financially sound decision

If the interest rates are low and you have little to no financial equity, selling your house can work out for the best. With the market being able to offer you good price and investors, this may be the best opportunity to re-work your personal financial goals.

7) You can’t stop thinking about your dream home

While your current house may be cozy, it’s nowhere close to the home you’ve had in mind for your family to grow in. You’ve seen it somewhere a couple of streets down and are wondering what it would be like to live there.

It’s the perfect home for your family and you would love to walk into it one day with the keys in your hand.

If you can relate to a few or all of the above, maybe now is the time to start thinking about a more suitable home for yourself and your family.

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