Selling a House? This is What You Need to know

Before going to the real estate agent, stop and think for a moment.

You know you want to sell your house in Jacksonville FL, but are you as aware of the current real estate market trends as you should be? Chances are, aside from the gist of it all, you wouldn’t know much about the inner goings-on of the estate market or how one should proceed when selling a house.

Don’t worry though. Jax Cash Buyers has got you covered!

Factors You Should Know When Selling a House

– Have all Your Documents

Documentation is required when you want to sell your property. The documents would come in handy if the buyer wants to get any repair work done. They may also help if the future owner wants to map out the exact property they own, or require some other information about the house. Documents needed would include various permits for anything you’ve added i.e. fences, deck or shedding, documents for central air conditioning and water heater etc.

– Know the Right Time to Sell

Timing is important. Spring time will bring in better offers because people will more likely be searching for a new start, and a new home. If you sell your house in December though, you might just end up losing money on your investment. However, this cannot be said for all instances. If you have a legitimate reason for selling your home in fall or winter, do so. In short, before selling, take a good look at the market trends and whether they’ll benefit you.

– Make the Right Preparations

Your house needs to be appealing enough for potential buyers. This means you need to make the right first impression. Add some touch-ups to the house paint, clean it up, and make sure it’s prepared for the first round of views. You’ll receive a better offer if the property seems worth the price.

– Quote an Attractive Price

Be realistic and set a price for your house that reflects its value. While you might think your home looks like a million bucks, it might not seem so to those looking to buy it. Keep the price estimated at around that of other properties in the area. Add to the price if you’ve had any special work done, but otherwise, refrain from overpricing.

– Contact the Right Buyer

If you simply want to sell your house in Jacksonville, contact Jax Cash Buyers. As a real estate solutions

company that buys houses in Jacksonville FL, we can take the property off your hands and offer the price in cash. Our aim is to assist homeowners with any kind of real estate trouble they have. If you want to sell your property fast and get the cash, contact us. We’ll take the property off your hands!


With the above tips, you should be able to get the price you want for the property you have, without worrying about any added costs for real estate agents and the like!

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