Selling Your Property for Cash: How It Works

The real estate market can be a tricky beast to manage—without a realtor, you may find yourself grasping at straws and making all the wrong decisions, and with one, you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of money on fees. Not to mention the fact that the entire process can be tedious and time-consuming.

A viable alternative for many is to sell the property for cash—no hassle, no fuss, and no hidden fees. Curious about how the process works? We give you the lowdown on what selling your house for cash entails.

Selecting Your Cash Buyer

The first step of course, is to select the right buyer—one who can pay in cash. This is a crucial step of the process, and it’s important to ensure you find someone that has a solid background, experience, and the right outlook.

Generally, the purpose of selling a property in this manner is to get cash in hand quick, and to essentially hand off the house as soon as possible—you need someone who is not only reliable, but will offer the convenience of speedy service.

It’s important that you cash buyer is able to provide you with the kind of streamlined service you are looking for, where there is no hassle, no hidden fees, and ideally, no repairs needed.

If the company you choose lives up to your requirements, then it’s a fair move to go ahead with the house-selling process.

Providing Property Details

Once you’ve decided on the right company to approach, the next step is to provide them with all the relevant details of your property.

While you don’t really need to go the extra mile in terms of the overall look of the house and making the necessary repairs, cash buyers must still ascertain whether it meets their criteria and how much they are willing to offer for it.

Securing an Offer

An appointment is set up by the cash buyer, and they make a fair, no-obligation offer in written form. This is the part where you ascertain whether the offer is amenable, and both parties come to an agreement on the price of sale.

Closing the Deal

Once the offer is on the table and both client and cash buyer are in agreement, it’s only a matter of closing the deal. Clients can get cash as quickly as 7 days after the deal has been agreed upon.

You could need to sell your house in Jacksonville for cash for any number of reasons. You could be near foreclosure, or looking to get rid of unwanted rental property.

Perhaps you inherited a property you don’t need, or need to relocate quickly. Whatever the case, we at Jax Cash Buyers can help you take control of your real estate situation.

We buy houses in Jacksonville, FL, providing residents and property owners with an effective, convenient, and efficient way to sell off their property.

Have any questions? Read our FAQ to find out more.

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