6 Tips On How To Sell Your House

6 Tips on How NOT to Sell Your House

We get it. Sell your house is dear to you and selling it can get pretty emotional. But when push comes to shove and you finally decide to sell it, you obviously want to get the best possible deal for it.

But it’s highly astonishing how many people miss out on making the perfect deal just because of a tiny mistake they made during the selling process that turned off the buyer! With just a little effort, these mistakes could have easily been avoided and made their house selling process a lot smoother.

Don’t be one of these people; check out these things NOT to do when selling your house:


The biggest mistake sellers make is overpricing their houses. While the house may hold value for you and you believe it deserves to be sold for as high a price as possible, buyers are likely to look at your house more objectively.

A house that has been overpriced as compared to what the market has to offer will likely be overlooked.

Neglecting necessary repairs

When you’re paying so much money for a new place, you want everything to be working perfectly when you move in. Taking care of repairs before setting your house up on the market will prevent buyers from offering you less money for your property.

Leaving your house cluttered

Nothing puts buyers off a house more than dirty, cluttered spaces. You don’t want to leave dishes lying in the sink or beds unmade during house viewings. This may also make the buyer believe that your place doesn’t have enough storage space.

It is also advisable to make the place as impersonal as possible. Stash away your children’s crayon drawings and your family pictures. Your buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in this space, and having constant reminders of your personal life wherever they turn may disrupt the process.

Not giving buyers their personal space

How would you like it if you went for a property viewing only to have the owner follow you around the house like a shadow?

Clear out the entire family when you have prospective buyers coming in, and allow them their personal space to look through your house in peace. If they have questions, they’ll contact you.

Leaving behind evidence of pets

Your pets may be part of your family, but your buyers may not share the sentiment. Pets can leave behind odors which may not be noticeable to you, but definitely will be to other people who enter your house. Leave your pet at a trusted person’s home during home inspections, and get rid of evidence of their presence.

Using the wrong pictures

Most buyers look for potential new homes online, and the pictures you post with your house listing are going to make the first impression. You don’t want to upload grainy pictures taken from terrible angles, or having improper or inadequate lighting when listing a house. If first impressions are the last impressions, make that count!

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