6 Tips on How NOT to Sell Your House

We get it. Sell your house is dear to you and selling it can get pretty emotional. But when push comes to shove and you finally decide to sell it, you obviously want to get the best possible deal for it. But it’s highly astonishing how many people miss out on making the perfect deal … Continued

5 Steps to Claim and Sell an Abandoned Property

One fine day, as you’re sipping your coffee, you get a call. You take it, only to discover that there’s a claim on your abandoned property. You further discover that the property in question had been left to you by your great-grandmother; however, it had been unclaimed all these years. You jump to action as … Continued

7 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your House

It’s winter and you’ve just stepped into your small but cozy home. You go hang your coat in the closet, only to find it stuffed with your children’s toys. You make your way to the sitting room with your beer, but step on a Lego on the way. Your children are doing their homework on … Continued

What Should You Do With An Inherited House?

Inheriting a house can be both, financially uplifting or an emotionally taxing time for many people. During this time, we typically tend to think of the time we had spent in the house before we inherited it. We think of the times we sat together as a family, playing board games and sharing laughs. We … Continued

Selling a House? This is What You Need to know

Before going to the real estate agent, stop and think for a moment. You know you want to sell your house in Jacksonville FL, but are you as aware of the current real estate market trends as you should be? Chances are, aside from the gist of it all, you wouldn’t know much about the … Continued