Zero Capital Gains Tax

Do You Pay Tax on the Sale of Inherited Property

If you sell your home and make profits, it’s a must you’ll pay capital gains tax. Is it the same when the property in question was inherited from a relative? The fact is, an inheritance can be stressful both emotionally and financially. You typically need to know the original cost of your property in order … Continued

Want to Sell An Inherited Home?

    The House Inheriting a real estate property can be intimidating than most people will notice. There is usually a problem when it gets to selling an inherited property due to financing. The owner of a financed property must continue to make monthly payment or may risk having foreclosure as a problem to deal … Continued

Selling House for Instant Cash Is Possible Now

Understanding The North Florida Market The home selling process is considered among the most complex for real estate investors and homeowners in Jacksonville and St Augustine as they always find it difficult to get their homes sold for instant cash. The reason for this is due to the lack of understanding and where to turn … Continued

Selling Your Property for Cash: How It Works

The real estate market can be a tricky beast to manage—without a realtor, you may find yourself grasping at straws and making all the wrong decisions, and with one, you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of money on fees. Not to mention the fact that the entire process can be tedious and time-consuming. A … Continued